Compliance & Investigation

Compliance Investigation

Compliance & Investigation

Some of the implications of compliance violations can be serious and range from damaged reputation, higher fines and huge compensation claims. We have handled clients facing infringements, through internal investigations by our experts and leveraging our experience in dealing with regulatory, antitrust and criminal authorities and represent in court proceedings. We also build and optimize bespoke compliance programs for organization & businesses to keep them from infringing law & coming in the scope of relevant authorities and to minimize the damage accrued through fines.

Many clients have benefited from our expert compliance practice, which combines the knowledge and experience of lawyers from different expertise, including antitrust, criminal, corporate, employment, data protection, tax, as well as foreign trade and public procurement.

Our Lawyers work intimately with clients to devise compliance programs that fit their precise needs and aid in implementing these programs. We begin with scrupulously identifying the risks and facilitate setting up of required compliance structures and placing systems to monitor compliance in day-to-day practice.

ES Lawyers prides itself in preserving clients’ reputation in the market. We utilize expert and integrated technologies, all backed by experience, local knowledge and extensive investigative resources. From assessment to propose and deliver, we associate with clients to provide a wide range of fraud and investigation solutions.

Our expert lawyers have profound knowledge of corporate structure and existing compliance to offer valuable input to businesses based on thorough screening and audit to optimize their legal standing. These understandings help us ward off serious infringements and prepare for possible actions.