Inheritance & Estate Planning

Inheritance Estate Planning

Inheritance & Estate Planning

Our highly experienced team managing inheritance law is well aware of the Situation & condition of our clients to relieve them of their mental disturbances During the difficult time of such loss.

Our experts with comprehensive and nuanced knowledge acquired through Years of experience and rigorous study can offer a range of services from advising and assisting with any specific inheritance aspect of the estate to dealing With complete distribution of the estate on behalf of the heirs, executors or beneficiaries.

When instructed to administer an estate we are able to but not limited to:

  • Administer an estate in accordance with a local Will
  • Administer an estate in accordance with a DIFC Will
  • Administer an estate in accordance with Sharia Law, with or without waivers.
  • Contact relevant authorities, utility providers to notify of death & finalize accounts.
  • Communicate with beneficiaries and advice them of their entitlement under the Will Or on intestacy.
  • Make the application for the succession Certificate in Dubai or make applucation for A Grant of Probate or of Letters of Administration.
  • Administer the sale of any properties belonging to deceased in consultation with The Executors and beneficiaries.
  • Administer the distribution of bank accounts, company shares, vehicles and all other assets in the name of the deceased, and all assets which are otherwise frozen.

Our expertise in Probate and the Administration of the estate provides the heirs/ beneficiaries with peace of mind during a sensitive time such as loss of a loved one. What may seem like a simple exercise can quickly become complicated, time consuming and expensive. Our highly qualified lawyers can take that burden off the heirs and apply their skills, knowledge & experience in distribution of the estate in an efficient & timely manner.